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Connected clocks gradually emancipate themselves from the smartphone to which they are associated to become real connected objects with their own functions. However, some models are gadgets with limited features or fashion objects, while others bring real benefits to particular health. Here is a selection that should allow you to find the watch on your wrist.

Apple Watch, the price of the reference

If Apple is not the origin of the first connected watch, the brand is probably the one that most popularized this type of product. However, as often with the Californian company, their models are not the most affordable in terms of price.

An old version of Apple Watch is marketed from 299 euros, but will cost at least 130 euros more to get the latest model. But that's what Apple makes a difference in its competitors thanks to some new features.

Like many other connected clocks, Apple Watch can measure your sports performance, view your SMS and even make calls (with or without a smartphone for some models). To make a call, it is better to buy more branded airPods, excellent headphones, but sold from 179 euros. You can listen to music stored on your phone or in the "cloud" through Apple Music.

A stream of applications is available. They can be downloaded directly to the device with an operating system update that will be available in the fall. It is especially in the health field that Apple Watch makes a difference, including an onboard electrocardiogram (which alerts you in case of an abnormal pulse or arrhythmia) or a monitoring function of your menstrual cycle that will be available to fall.

Apple Watch, from € 299 for series 3 and € 429 for series 4.

Samsung, the Apple challenger

The new model of the South Korean brand's Galaxy Watch has gained weight, its design is more refined, less bulky and is slightly more affordable than the earlier versions.

The latest Samsung born also loses its rotating bezel which may confuse those who have become accustomed to it. The Galaxy Watch Active heads more classically – and more simply at the end – with two buttons and the touch screen. As for resources, everything is there, or almost. The model is also water proof "5 atmospheres", that is, up to 50 meters deep. However, the heart rate monitor is not as good as the Apple Watch, while the range is only higher than the last one, which is not its strong point.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, 249 €.

Huawei, good value for money

Released in October 2018, the Chinese watch manufacturer's watch comes in several versions that are distinguished by their visual or display size (42mm and 44mm).

Otherwise, the operating system is a short summary compared to those developed by Google or Apple; there's no way to control your music or download apps. However, this weakness is turning into force: the use of the watch is very simple. This ensures a good monitoring of your sports activities. And heart rate measurement is reliable in use while the sleep analysis function is complete.

In the end, this connected watch, also waterproof, properly fulfilled its role for an even more affordable price, since it currently enjoys many promotions.

Huawei watch GT from € 229.


Withings, very affordable and customizable

In addition to its record-breaking autonomy of eighteen months or the automatic recognition of activities, it is for reasons somewhat less technical than the Withings Movement hopes to convince us.

First, the manufacturer presents the manufacture in France of the product assembled in Issy-les-Moulineaux. Then the device is customizable with a wide variety of colors from wristbands, cases and even activity needles. You can also select multiple patterns for printing from the bottom the display. In total, there are more than 5,800 possible combinations. Sides performances are far from the models proposed in this selection. The smartphone will be essential for reading your physical activity or analyzing your sleep. The heart rate measurement is summarized.

Moving Withings, 79.95 €.

Skagen, elegant above all else

Jonas Ramos SKG2419761

With its typical milanese mesh strap from the 50's, its sleek design, the Skagen Falster 2, is almost a fad. Either way, it is very easy to use on the wrist and can be overlooked. This advantage is far from insignificant when connected clocks are often uncomfortable with a prominent dial and a strap that makes you sweat.

On the technical side, Falster 2 offers everything you would expect from a connected watch. However, the touch screen does not have a bit of responsiveness, the autonomy is a bit fair to use, while the operating system Wear Os, developed by Google chosen for the device, is not the easiest to deal with.

Falster 2 from Skagen, from 329 €.

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