First day of disputed federal tax on carbon


The federal carbon tax, criticized by many because it will increase the cost of gasoline, goes into effect on Monday in four Canadian provinces.

The measure, which takes the form of a gasoline and other fuel tax, applies to provinces that do not yet have a carbon pricing system: New Brunswick, New Brunswick Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.

Quebec is spared because it participates in California's carbon trading, a cap and trade system for carbon emissions. Ontario joined in 2017, but the conservative government of Doug Ford withdrew it shortly after taking office.

The federal carbon tax is $ 20 per tonne of greenhouse gas emissions and will increase by $ 10 per year to $ 50 a tonne by 2022.

Opponents of the measure, including all provincial governments in which it applies, argue that it will raise the cost of living for the underprivileged and undermine the economy.

Ottawa, in turn, argues that carbon tax revenues will be returned to households for the payment of tax refund checks.

According to an analysis of GasBuddy's website, motorists are expected to report a 4 to 5 cents per gallon increase in gasoline.

The diary The Toronto Star Sunday reported that the Ford government is preparing a campaign against the carbon tax.

This offensive against the Trudeau government bill would cost many millions of dollars and would be released one week after the Queen's Park's budget to be delivered on April 11.


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