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finally, we can look at E. Macron from his window at Amboise Info news from Info


The president will be in town on Thursday with his Italian counterpart.

"Whoever looks will be transformed into a statue of salt"

"What a movie!"

"Jupiter is not afraid of anything!"

Ironically or scandalized, comments have not failed … Monday at a press conference, the mayor of Indre-et-Loire Corinne Orzechowski and the mayor of Amboise Christian Guyon indicated that the Amboisiennes and Amboisiens residing near the Royal Castle could not will appear in the windows on Thursday, May 2, at the time the French president and his Italian colleague will be at the Château d'Amboise. From 11:30 p.m., Emmanuel Macron and Sergio Mattarella must rest in the tomb of Leonardo da Vinci, in the chapel of the monument, before making a brief visit.

For security reasons in a context of high terrorist risk, it was therefore envisaged that the residents of the Rue de la Tour and the streets overlooking the castle would not appear at their windows or balconies on the way to the presidential convoy. . A municipal decree had to be taken, copied from the one published in Nice during the recent visit of the Chinese president.

Finally, in a statement published on Tuesday on Twitter, the mayor of Indre-et-Loire indicates that this measure is no longer relevant. Therefore, it will be possible to appear in the windows.

However, remember that the framework of this diplomatic visit will be particularly consistent from 7am until early afternoon, with the ban on the circulation of vehicles in a large part of the city, the prohibition of unincorporated pedestrian movement in the vicinity of the castle and a ban to protest until 4 pm in the cities of Amboise, Pocé-sur-Cisse and Nazelles-Négron.

Traffic will gradually resume its course in the early afternoon, as the two presidents arrived at Clos Lucé and then at 16h after their departure for the castle of Chambord.

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