FC Nantes could be sanctioned


On Monday, April 15, Cardiff City sent FIFA a dossier explaining their case for not having to pay for the transfer of Emiliano Sala, who died tragically in a plane crash on January 21. As revealed The telegraphin this case, the Welsh club indicates, in principle, that the transfer of the Argentine is considered in their eyes as "Null and void", provided that the player's contract has not been approved by the Premier League.

But the leaders of bluebirds goes further, accusing Nantes of not telling FIFA that agent Mark McKay was responsible for the transfer. This is in contrast to Annex 3 of the Regulations for Status and Transfer of Players, which states that "Clubs must provide the name and commission of the club intermediary". This could lead FC Nantes to be punished by the governing body of football. This dark case seems in any case far from over …


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