Expected heat wave next week: how the sun can cause anxiety


HOT – The high temperatures expected for next week promise to be difficult for those who do not support the heat, but also for those who live with the phobia of the sun, a mysterious and misunderstood evil.

Under the sun exactly, they do not go there. Next week, temperatures will skyrocket across much of the country, potentially surpassing 40 degrees Celsius locally, and the heat wave promises to be difficult, not only for those with little heat but also for those who have an aversion to the sun A unknown phobia, but a real phobia, which consists of fleeing from sunlight ("heliophobia"). And it does not concern just a handful of fans of Marilyn Manson or the apostles of the divine Marquis de Sade determined to "extinguish the sun."

In the past, it was not inconceivable to fear the sun. History buffs know that women showed the true "heliophobia" to keep their skin whitish, showing they were rich enough not to have to work in the fields and bathe in clothing. But that was before. By 2019, "dreading the sun" does not mean the same thing and can lead to aberrant behavior for ordinary people.

Of course, like every summer, everyone will empty their sunscreen tube to avoid sunburn. It is true that these precautions should be taken when the UV level is greater than 3: "The French have understood that the sun is a friend to be cautious," says Claudine Blanchet-Bardon, vice president of the dermatologists-vénérologues syndicate. , high dose, can impact the retina, accelerate the aging of the skin, burn or even cause the burst of rich melanoma.It is essential for life, especially because it meets For our needs of vitamin D, it is also advisable to protect yourself People now pay more attention to their skin and even practice self-monitoring. It is necessary to consult as soon as they notice something abnormal, a mole or a task that will not go away. "

But if there is this fear of the "sunburn", latent, common to all, there is also and especially this morbid fear, more psychic, in relation to the most dazzling stars. What consists, among other distinctive signs, of not opening curtains or windows when the sun's rays flood a room or remain cloistered in the house hikikomori way.

"It is important not to underestimate this fear of the sun, resulting from a relationship with psychosis," says LCI psychologist Samuel Dock. Psychotic, schizophrenic personalities, for example, live in particular in the very bad summer. they have a very limited capacity for self-control, a very strong stimulus can be experienced as a trauma, in other words, too much light, too much heat is exhausting them and becomes very difficult for them. " And those who say "exhaustion" say "insomnia" and "increase psychic problems."

Are you skeptical? Browse the discussion forums to capture the true anguish of those who do not support the sun, coming to subliminal details like this concern of appearing in a young woman, "scared by the sun for your freckles to leave."

Our psychiatrist responds: "Freckles return to the skin.In contrast to the cold, the heat changes the envelope of the body, which surrounds us psychologically.In ps, we call it" I-skin. "Your mind, in your ego, because one is built by a psychic, organic, somatic skin In short, the sun is the revealer of who we are.

In another forum, a man, this time, explains that "every year is the same, as soon as the heat returns and the sun shines a little too much, I depress, I do not want to leave, I feel uncomfortable … shining sun makes me crazy … I do not understand, everyone is happy to see the sun, it annoys me completely … I do not feel anything, I feel physically exhausted, I spend my days on the internet or playing in the console ". In another discussion, a woman explains that this phobia "spoils her life": "Last summer I was sick, my heart was beating I was not sleeping, despite a treatment I take to calm my anxiety disorders," she says , before admitting: "It is true that it seems ridiculous to say that we can not bear the heat, that it does us harm, but it is true."

This injunction to be happy "because the weather is good" can be complicated for depressive, melancholic and anxious personalities Samuel Dock, psychologist

A phobia is even more difficult to discern that it does not concern a group, but individualities, singularities, intimate cases: "The sun can be perceived in a very different way depending on the psychic structure in which the person is located: a neurotic or a borderline it will not live the same way. The sun puts all the problems, but in a different way. Some will not like the heat, others will not like the light … A neurotic n He will not necessarily like what the sun represents, of the fact that others are connected, happy, naked, he can not because he is in touch with his desire. "

However, this evil is not limited to schizophrenics and other clinical cases: "When we see the sun, we are subject to this injunction to be happy, that side is good so everything is fine, and I go. Well, this injunction can be complicated for depressive, melancholic or anxious personalities. These personalities simply can not pretend because they are not doing well. In philosophy, the sun translates the sharpness, to which we turn to move away from the shadows of In all religions and all spiritualities, it is a symbol of life, a divine symbol. In contrast to the darkness that represents evil. In fact, ordinary people can not understand this contrast between climate and pathological miasma of a person frightened by the sun, misunderstood by others. "

Also, how to cure this sun disease? "Psychotherapy can be helpful, a patient realized during a session that she could no longer go to a sunny beach after the death of her mother, who died of cancer."

Finally, let us insist on the need of the sun for our survival. Take the example of the movie Sun light of Danny Boyle, where the sun is dying and gradually dying, forcing eight astronauts into space to try to reignite it.

Of course, the death of the sun must begin in about 5 billion years, but ask the question: how would human, vegetable and animal life survive without our precious sun? And who would reveal to the other, especially? "When the sun rises, it also rises in our personality structures," concludes our psychologist.


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