Eva Longoria celebrates the first anniversary of her son Santiago!


Eva Longoria reveals a new image of herself and her son to celebrate her birthday and tell her all her love!

Eva Longoria does not trust much in her private life. but One thing is certain: the love she uses for her child is immense. Mother hen she also reveals a new picture with her son. And to celebrate your birthday. she sends you a message of very clear love. Your first child named Santiago was also celebrating his first birthday a few days ago and the young mother can not help but remember that a year ago she knew the happiness of becoming a mother for the first time.

But that's not all because the young mother has also posted different photos in her story on Instagram. Because one single image of her and her son was not enough to express all that Eva Longoria feels for her son. While the young woman began pregnancy at 43 years of age. This late pregnancy was the subject of much media attention. But the actress was also very discreet during pregnancy. At the same time, out of respect for your privacy. But also to focus on her and the health of the baby.

Eva Longoria declares her love to her son

"When this happened, I have a one-year-old son Hey everyone is a baby now, it's a child This past year was the best of my life. with him and sleeping with him every night is magical.Each of the laughter and small noises that come out of his mouth, as well as his smiles, are pure joy.Thank you for choosing me to be your mother! Santi baby birthday! " is what we read in this last publication of the young mother.

In conclusion the young mother is also still incredibly under the spell of her son Santi. Despite the sleepless nights and also crying.