Enjoy Phoenix and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)


In her latest video, Marie Lopez (EnjoyPhoenix) looks back at her complicated march.

Enjoy Phoenix affected by an illness still little known

Concerned about the return of her acne since she stopped her pill and because of various symptoms, she explains having undergone medical tests that resulted in a diagnosis.

"I was seen as a not so cool thing called PCOS. PCOS is polycystic ovary syndrome. "

In madmoiZelle, we have already spoken of this syndrome through the testimonies of young women who suffer, in particular, hirsutism, excessive hair in all areas of the body.

This hormonal imbalance that affects one in ten women in France (as well as endometriosis!) Is often diagnosed late.

Its symptoms are the source of many complexes, as reported by Maylis in a heart-shaped body of Lea Castor.

Whereasno treatment today can treat PCOSMarie expresses her distress: only the administration of hormones (and therefore the resumption of the pill she had voluntarily stopped) would allow him to stop with the symptoms.

In her video, where she shows a lot of transparency, she explains that she felt particularly down During the month of March …

Especially because their eating disorders would be suspected of having a connection with the outbreak of PCOS.

The future of EnjoyPhoenix on YouTube: goodbye to beauty

These club scams brought many questions about their aspirations and professional desires.

"I try to put things, I refocus my life and today the answer is that I still do not know."

She does not want to go back to beauty and is continue your professional retraining the topics she has covered on her channel since January (she spends days with other YouTube creators, talks about ecology, etc.).

Like many creators accustomed to regularly posting videos, Marie explains "feeling bad" about not posting anymore. There are no more daily vlogs, less videos on your main channel … she prefers slowing down.

More and more cameramen are expressing their discomfort and the pressure they feel to always create more on YouTube.

For its part, the platform denies any causal link between creators' inactivity and declining statistics, although it admits to taking the issue of video-game exhaustion very seriously.

If this difficult announcement was a blow to Marie, her willingness to talk to her 1.5 million subscribers will at least serve to highlight those problems, often unknown to the general public.

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