Energy check, conversion premium … The main help for families


There are already many schemes to help families reduce their energy expenditure in France. Paid to about 3.7 million homes in precarious situation, the power check was created to replace social tariffs for electricity and gas. Beneficiaries need not take steps to receive it. The check is sent directly to them, in the format
paper or digital.

This check, allocated according to the reference tax revenue, must be less than 7,700 euros for a single person and 11,550 euros for a couple, can only be used to pay bills. The Public Accounts Minister, Gérald Darmanin, announced on Tuesday that he wants to "expand" its use for certain taxpayers.

The amount of this check, 150 euros per year on average, will be increased next year to 200 euros for a cost of 710 million euros in 2019 (+ 22%).

Transport assistance

The Hauts-de-France region has 20 euros per month for people who work more than 30 kilometers from your home and therefore has no choice but to use your vehicle. This assistance is for those who receive a net salary less than or equal to twice the SMIC.

Normally taxed, Emmanuel Macron announced Tuesday, November 6, that "it will be tax free" and that throughout the territory if other regions adopt the same device.

Green Bonus and conversion bonus

Created in 2015, the conversion award aims to promote the replacement of older vehicles with cleaner vehicles. This bonus can go up to 2,500 eurosdepends on the vehicle's performance in terms of CO2 emissions and the tax situation of the applicant. It also applies to the purchase of three-wheeled vehicles or two-wheel motor vehicles and electric bicycles.

In addition to this bonus, the purchase of a new electric vehicle entitles you to an ecological bonus, in the amount of 6,000 euros. This bonus will be extended to the hybrid plug-in vehicles from 2019.


In the case of works that encourage energy savings and thermal insulation, or the installation of equipment one
renewable energy source
(heat pumps, wood boiler,
solar water heater, etc.), two devices are installed.

The tax credit for the energy transition (ISCED) allows to deduct taxes up to 30% of the value of this work. Besides that, the energy saving certificate (EEC) obliges energy sellers to finance part of it through the payment of bonuses, calculated according to family income and work done.

To get these bonuses, consumers should request them before starting work.

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