Elizabeth II / Meghan: Harry's Wives


"The Scenario Dreaming the Fans of the Monarchy Would Both Be a Real Birth on the Same Day of Queen Elizabeth II's Birthday Sunday, April 21"explains journalist Anne-Charlotte Hinet of London, England. Bets are started as usual in the UK. The relationship between the queen and the wife of Prince Harry is particularly commented. They showed some complicity in their first joint tour.

Meghan and the queen, however, are two styles that everything seems to oppose. But the royal family understands this: to keep in tune with British society, it is necessary to modernize its image. "The queen understood that Meghan represented the future of the royal family", decrypts Emily Nash, correspondent for Hello Magazine. One year after her marriage to Prince Harry, the press is not yet sensitive to the American actress, described as capricious and tyrannical. In fact, Elizabeth II would be very attentive to the integration of the young woman into the royal family.

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