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Elea's Disappearance: "Given your ex's psychological personality, we can imagine the worst"

"I have to see you too, pinball start. On July 30, Elea Goarnigou, a waitress at a restaurant in Avignon (Vaucluse), sends one of her last messages to a friend on Facebook Messenger. For several days, according to her family, the 24-year-old brunette says she doesn't feel like being on her plate and is exasperated that she doesn't understand why. "She dilated her pupils, nausea, felt weak … As if drugged, remembers an intimate. However, it is not at all his type! "

Scheduled for Avignon around noon this July 30, Elea will never attend your appointment. Does not answer the phone, does not answer the SMS. Her entourage reports her disappearance at the local police station, but the young orphan is a major. "The police told me that my sister had a right not to break the news," says his brother Yohann, the only member of his family.

The case is not considered disturbing, especially since Elea had told anyone who would listen to him that she was considering a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela during the summer. Without, however, setting a date. "She's a bohemian, kind and simple-minded girl," says one confidant. She loved hiking or climbing via ferrata. "

Elea's phone at the suspect's house

But the weeks go by and Elea isn't back in the fall yet. The investigations, entrusted to public security and then to the Avignon judiciary police, alternate a criminal hypothesis and focus on former missing-mate Jeremy R. This 32-year-old man was not found either. Investigators suspect he is the author of a car theft with a gun.

Wanted some time at Gard, he was finally arrested on Tuesday afternoon, not far from his home in Avignon. On Friday, after his arrest in the PJ, Jeremy R., also known for complicity in rape, was indicted for "kidnapping and kidnapping". He was arrested in custody.

According to a source close to the investigation, police found Elea's personal belongings at home, including her cell phone. A trace of blood, still under analysis, was also observed. Jérémy R., who has an unstable psychological profile, remained silent during the auditions. "He's a freak, almost a hermit," says one policeman.

In his Facebook profile, he presents himself as "commercial" but did not work and was hospitalized. In Elea's circle of relatives, few know his criminal record, and he is even described as "respectful, polite and sometimes very kind."

She broke up shortly before her disappearance

Jérémy and Elea have been dating for a year, sometime after their arrival in Avignon. They shared the passion of mountaineering. Elea settled at her mate's house in July before finishing just before her disappearance. She accused her of kleptomania after she caught him stealing worthless toiletries during a stay with a friend of the couple. Had Jeremy badly taken the break? Did he go after Elea after an argument? No bodies were found. The girl's dog, a Jack Russel from which she never separated, did not reappear.

"I still hope to find Elea alive, but given her former mate's psychological personality, we can imagine the worst," worries Yohann. Cher's missing brother said he had raised suspicions very early in relation to Jeremy R .: "When I called in late August to hear my sister, he left me completely incoherent. He first claimed that she was on her way. home when I lived in the country and she didn't warn me. He then told me that he had received a letter from Elea from Indre-et-Loire saying she had arrived while I don't live there! "

In a message to a relative of Elea, the suspect indicates that they have left "Mont Ventoux" and receive no signal. The man gave no sign of life … until his arrest in Avignon on Tuesday.

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