Dial Durr Burger's number on a giant phone at Fatal Fields Week 8


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The eighth week of the season 8 challenges will ask you to make two phone calls.

A little hungry, but you do not want to cook? The challenge of 8th week Season 8 asks you to find phones and contact Pizza Pit and Burger Durrr. You will have to find the two giant phones and call both numbers to earn your precious stars.

Where to Find Big Phones

There are two giant phones on the Fortnite Battle Royale map. Each of them corresponds to a fictitious brand of fast food.

The first is at the top of a mountain southwest of the Fatal Fields. This is Burger Durr's cell phone. You will either have to drop early in the game or build stairs to reach it.

The second is a little west of the mouth of the Lazy Lagoon. This is the phone at Pizza Pit. It is easily reached on foot.

How to dial phone numbers?

In the center of the phone's display there is a logo and a telephone number. Look at the displayed number and dial the display. To dial the number, draw a number in the corresponding number and wait for the dial to rotate, then go back to enter the second number.

The two phone numbers are different.

Once the numbers are dialed, you should hear a small message and validate the quest.

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