Death of Anemone: The star in 5 cult replicas!


Of the late Anemone, who died only 68 years after a long illness, we remember, of course, her memorable character of Thérèse in Santa Claus sucks.. A film filmed with the band Splendid, whose members paid tribute to him. But the star was not just this comedy …

Among the replicas of the cult of Anemone, whose real name is Anne Bourguignon, the Santa Claus are multiple. Two are particularly in the collective memory: "All right, it's too thin, it's eaten without hunger."and"Not Pierre, it's a vest!"This film, directed by Jean-Marie Poiré, was released in the cinema in 1982 after being adapted from the piece of the same name, created in 1979. At the time he made 1.5 million tickets to the cinema, but his Quasi Annual re-evaluations on television have made worship for several generations.

Anemone also marked the spirits for his role in the film The Great Path, directed by Jean-Loup Hubert and released in 1987. She camped the character of Marcelle and gave the answer to Richard Bohringer, who embodies her husband. "Are you afraid I'll put some red on you?"You can hear her tell a child while her hands are full of rabbit blood, and her role will help her win the Best Actress Caesar Award.

In the other unavoidable films of his filmography, My wife is called back.. Directed by Patrice Leconte and released in 1982, he directed Anémone alongside Michel Blanc. Among the impressive replicas of the film, we can hear him claiming "I feel like we're a little lost"while riding on horseback in the woods with a Michel Blanc no longer very reassured … The actress also coward, for a man who looks at her in a bar,"So, do you see very well or do you want me to brew beer?"

If she had said goodbye to the scene, she had never stopped filming for the big screen, her latest movie The currency of your currency Anne Le Ny was released in 2018.

Anemone had in his daily life a sometimes destabilizing frankness, which aroused singular homage …

Thomas Montet


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