Coupon – Sosh raises its package from 20 GB to 9.99 €


Sosh raises its mobile plan from 20 GB to 9.99 euros per month. A promotion that currently hides more generous offers from the competition, so Sosh has put the Orange network to attract customers.

Obviously, Orange's subsidiary highlights the coverage and performance of its network as strong arguments, while it is currently possible to enjoy more attractive deals from its main competitors. In fact, for € 10 per month, B & You and RED by SFR currently offer unlimited plans with 40 GB Internet, knowing that these are promotions that are also without obligation but – especially – "for life" (with fees that will remain in force beyond 12 months).

Two details: Sosh carries the SIM card at a price of € 5 for the order and the data envelope can be used throughout Europe, Andorra, Switzerland and the DOM.


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