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Corsica. "Anomalies" in almost 400 European agricultural aid applications

Of the 2,150 farms seeking European aid in Corsica, nearly 373 have "anomalies" found in aerial photographs, city officials said Friday.

2,150 farms requested European aid in Corsica. Of these, 373 have "anomalies" found in aerial photographs. Some European aid requested may be more important depending on the area.

"Corsica is no more targeted than others, but the European Union (EU) requires control of unproductive surfaces and there are many in Corsica."Sabine Hofferer told reporters at the head of the Regional Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Forestry (Draaf) on the island.

"Areas declared excessive"

A total of 850 farmers are subject to verification procedures, of which "493 were controlled by photographic interpretation", a new aerial view system set up this year that was contested by some, detailed Sabine Hofferer.

Inspectors will visit most of the 373 farmers in whom "anomalies" have been observed. Exist "Areas declared excessive" or problems in the percentage of land suitable for pasture. For example, "If you declare ten hectares in the mountains and there are two hectares of pebbles where nothing grows, you are not eligible (like grazing) or if an asphalt road crosses a plot, it should be excluded from the surface calculation."Said Sabine Hofferer.

Do not waste European money

"Take the time to get out of these controls", for "Gain credibility and silence some suspicion of fraud and negligence by the French authorities"she added.

"If Europe is not convinced" Due to the veracity of these controls, there is a risk of non-repayment of 1.4 billion euros for all aid to unproductive surfaces in France. In January 2015, the European Commission had already asked France to return more than one billion euros in agricultural aid for the 2008-2012 period.

The European Anti-Fraud Office (Olaf) indicated in February the recommendation to "Recover $ 536,500" improper aid in Corsica to "Ineligible or beneficiary areas" in the period 2015-2017.

Several judicial investigations are also underway on the island for suspected fraud against European aid.

France receives € 63 billion in European agricultural aid, out of the 408.3 billion total budget for the 2014-2020 period, according to official figures. European agricultural aid in Corsica is € 36 million per year since 2015.

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Corsica. "Anomalies" in almost 400 European agricultural aid

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