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comment reconnaître cette maladie potentiellement mortelle?

IN THE CONSEILS SANTÉ – The bacterial forms of cette maladie have been infected by urgent urgency.

Mau de tete, vomissements, fièvre: the symptoms of the meningitis (there is no plus) without the concomitant grip or a gastro. Pourtant, cette maladie is good plus dangereuse, 'autant plus lorsqu'elle is due to a bacterium (certain methods not provoked by the virus). If a treatment in this case is rapid, the bacterial bacteria only present in the system.

The type of ménningite touche environ 1 300 personnes in France, who is concerned, and concerns the personages of some kind, given a predominance of the young men, the adult men and the people. Dr Muhamed-Kheir Taha, head of the national center for the referral of the Pasteur Institute, explains commentary quickly on the premier signs of maladie. L'objectif? Administering the most possible antibiotic can increase the chances of survival.

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From what parle-t-on?

A myelinitis is an inflammation of the myelitis, the tissue containing the cerebrospinal fluid, which is enveloped by the cervix and moelle epinière. The ensemble is separated from the blood circulation to the barrière hemato méningée (or hematoencéphalique). More microbes, thanks to the differing mechanisms, the lack of franchising cette barrière, and the way forward, which cause an immune response to be caused by inflammation.

«Heureusement, the most frequent mingelites, the virales, not the good ones in the three majorities of the cas.»

Dr Muhamed-Kheir Taha, Head of the National Center for References to the Pasteur Institute

"Heureusement, the most frequent mingelites, the virales, the good ones in the three majorities of the cas", explains Dr Taha. In fact, the induisent virus has an inflammatoire plus faible reaction, and donors tissue lesions. In the rematch, the bacterial bacteria, 10 frequent miners, less than ten decades, and more heures. «Three bacteria in the cause of myococcus, pneumococcus and Haemophilus influenzae», According to the doctor, who is also responsible for the filling of the l'Institut Pasteur.

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Habituellement, the bacteria living in the gorges without causing problems. 'More likely than certain invasive and passive dangers in the blood, they multiply at the greatest rate, with almost ten decades of blazing miteitis', détaille le Dr Taha. «They can also cross the blood vessel and the central nervous system: the pressure of the brain fluid that has entered the cervix in August, with the neurological complications and the decades.»

There is a malice in the 10 tenth of a suite of infections, despite the traits. Et parmi les patients who survived, 20% pre-entontent lourdes sequels: amputation d'un or plusieurs members, cécité, surdité. He says that he needs to receive antibiotic treatment as quickly as possible pending the early stage of maladies.

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The early signs

Raideur de la nuque, mates de tees intenses, altération de la conscience… Some symptoms plus the connoisseur of méningite manifest themselves lorsque l'infection a déjà beaucoup progressé. "It may be possible for the person to go forward, with the signs of the phase meringue: the infection to the present day." Selon le spécialiste, des signos peer alerter plus tôt.

For the nourishers, it is important to be "good for the person in charge of the child if he or she is abducting an ethics, behavior or an unfamiliar fièvre", indicates the doctor. If, in addition to the fièvre, in the past, the para mou, the faut appeler the urgencies.

If, in addition to the fièvre, the nourrisson in the past and paraît mou, the faut appeler the urgencies.

With the personnes plus â € ˜gées, an altération of the general l'état and a genre of the lumière s'ajoute three to the fièvre. Of the doubles in the jambes or the apparent cuisses, and the extremes of the corps (doigts, orteils…) without froides. Plus encore, lorsque l'on appuie sur l'ongle, the couleur met plus of temps reven à la normale que d'habitude. There are no signs of a bloody invasion, tout with the sacks-cutes rouges or violations which may be former. They are easily recognizable: they have an app with a transparent glass, so that they have no difference.

Of the three important ones to the womb and to the emergence of the debut of maladie. «Dans ce cas, il faut voir si symptommes cés precédemment sont present. Overall, if they have more signs, they'll be a fan, a thinker for me, ”says Dr Taha.

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The symptoms of the phase méningée

About the heures, the bacteria at the time of the mingles: the symptoms of the phase méningée apparaissent. The most noteworthy of vomitings in jet: the arrivent sans pre-empt and the propulses to the plus d'un meter. The position in the position of the fusil, or the position of the fuse, is usually a sign: it allows me to press the pressure of the cerveau.

Anyway, because of the raid on the ground, it's completely difficult, impossible. «But for example, you need to remove your t-shirt. If you are in this raid, il n'y parviendra pas ». The intracranial pressure augmentation by some also provokes an elevation of consciousness, incoherence and agitation.

Notably there are vaccines which are protective against more types of bacterial myelinites. There are two more obligatory conditions for straining in the year 2018: it is affected by infections with the C-neck, the infection by the Haemophilus influenzae of type B, and finally by the protection of pneumococcus. There are other vaccines against the meningites, no certain recommendations for the risky person, notably the 24 year olds, the immunodeficient person or the voyager in Afrique subsaharienne.

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