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'Cinéville is a low-cost cinema societe', called PDG Yves Sutter

Yves Sutter, the PDG of the Soredic Society, who exploited Cinéville cinema. Ici to Vern-sur-Seiche, on 30 September 2019. – C. Allain / 20 Minutes

  • La Sorédic, who exploited the Cinéville cinema, will listen to her and complete my credit to Vern-sur-Seiche, au sud of Rennes.
  • The société the fermé dimanche son emblématique cinéma du center-ville of Rennes.
  • Vingt-deux millions of euros on which he invested for the construction of two complexes to Bruz et Vern, plus the creation of a line of jeux pour enfants and two restaurants.

He is the one with the most of the cinema explorers. More in the West, the Soredic is a place to be filmed by the anniversaries of the cinematographic paysage. The Société rennaise de diffusion cinematographique, which exploits fourteen Cinéville, listens to the credibility of the Fifteen-by-Seiche, which installs it in a social environment, in a number of restaurants and in a room for jeux pour enfants.
Cet équipement of 1,240 places and six salles vient s'ajouter à l'autre complexe ouvert in juin à Bruz and compensate for the fermeture of
L'emblématique Cinéville du Colombier survenue dimanche. The milestone of the encore hall in blackmail, PDG Yves Sutter answered questions from 20 Minutes.

You hear ce mercredi votre nouveau complexe to Vern-sur-Seiche. What's the spectateurs peuvent-ils s'attendre?

Notre cinéma is a proximity equipment. In our missions of the gigantic, plutot the facilitator for the inhabitants of the south of Rennes. Our investments have been made of large screens for off-motions. Le plus grand fait plus of 200 m², c'est plus that in the six screens du Colombier Réunis. It will be the plus large room of the department. Our voulons offended the spectacle for a grand public programmation.

Comment fonctionne votre complexe ouvert en juin à Bruz?

Les chiffres sont moyens à correct. More is this trop to pour in the conclusions. Le Bruz completes the conçu pour pour fonctionner avec celui de Vern. The two dooms and cohérents and complements are a global project. Our avons deux were six salles more certains films seront projects in les deux villes. C'est l'équivalent d'un complies with neuf salles sur deux sites, c'est un pari. Aujourd'hui, a movie met three years ago trouver son public. On saura pas avant.

Votre projec vise combler un vide au sud of Rennes. Quel public visez-vous?

Our all profiter d 'a transfer public wanted to reorient these practices. Descriptions of which are all of which are similar to those of Colombier, for example, and which have been troubled by a proximity equipment. More ce public ne suffira pas à assurer notre rentabilité. Our faut will convene the people who will come or go to the movie, the fake must see. You’re sure that our avons réussi à faire dans notre complies with Angers [aux Ponts-de-Cé exactement]. Then, we got the moitié from clients n'allait pas au cinéma.

Customer Beaucoup du Cinéville Colombier venaient chez vous pour les prix attractifs. More augustoz the prix of the place…

In plein tariff, our passons from 9 euros to 10,20 euros, plus this is the last product! Cinéville is a low-cost cinema societe. Our investment in the development (22 million for the project show) for a large screen, sound quality and comfort in clients Bruz and Vern. Au Colombier, our investments, and where we have done tariff reductions. On the way to adopting this policy for surviving the arrivée du Gaumont, on the other side of comfort problems, on par with these. I have wanted aura of debauch. More continuos of proposing the place with 6.50 euros check jeudi and 5 euros for the moins of 14 years, as with the Colombier.

Who's out of the way Sorting, which offraits the three-euro series?

You are in discussion with the collectives. Our travaillons plus the question is not simple.

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