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Charlotte Gainsbourg "eager" for her weight: "I have a bulimic nature"

On Friday, November 15, 2019, Charlotte Gainsbourg honestly confided a concern she rarely talks about: her unique relationship with the body. In the pages of the newspaper the team, the actress currently in My stupid dog explains how playing different sports helped her feel more comfortable with her body.

Charlotte Gainsbourg also evokes for the first time the suffering of some form of an eating disorder. A demand for thinness that generated some rigor in the actress 48 years ago. "For me to gain weight for a role, it must be worth it because it annoys me terribly"says Jane Birkin's daughter to the teamclaiming to be "completely twisted"on the subject of the physical.

"I am very careful with my diet. I'm thin, but I'm completely distorted by this idea. I banned various foods, I have a bulimic nature. I still don't manage this problem perfectly and I need to have a lot of control over myself"continues Charlotte Gainsbourg.I admire naturally healthy people. I am just in excess. Not unhealthy but destructive"admits the companion of Yvan Attal.

This is not the first time Charlotte Gainsbourg has evoked her relationship with beauty. With parents like Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin (and a sister like Lou Doillon), the actress explained The cut that she sometimes had "the impression of being the ugly duckling"be younger."I come from a family where everyone was beautiful. My grandmother was incredibly beautiful. My mother was not comfortable with herself and was beautiful. My mother-in-law was a beauty. My sister Lou was awesome (…) I understood that my qualities did not reside in my appearance"confided in 2017.

Find the full interview of Charlotte Gainsbourg in the issue of the team Friday, November 15, 2019.

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