Thursday , April 22 2021

Channel: 18 migrants rescued while trying to reach England on two boats

The Channel and the North Sea Maritime Authority carried out large-scale operations off Calais during the night of Wednesday 21 to Thursday 22 November, and rescued 18 migrants who were trying to cross.

"Safe and sound"

"All are safe and sound. Seven migrants, six men and one woman, were delivered to the British Border Force and eleven others from the second ship were on their way to Calais to be delivered to the PAF"a spokesman for the maritime prefecture told AFP.

Around 1:45 already, a French Navy tug had "sighted a boat in the sea ""northeast of Cape Gray-nose"the ship is escorted to the English coast (5 km off the English coast) where the Maritime Operations Center allows the British Border Force the first seven migrants.

A broken zodiac

Then, around 3 o'clock, it is a ferry that warns the authorities to discover a 4m RIB in danger after a collapse in the sector of Wimereux. On board were eleven migrants, redirected to France. Despite difficult communication, the helpers are able to know the exact position of the migrants and the relief takes off at around 5:15.

He did not find them until about 6:10 in the morning, about ten miles north of Cap Gris-Nez. Four of them were in hypothermia and were hospitalized in the hospital of Calais. The others were handed over to the Border Police.

The maritime prefecture made "intervene with the Navy aircraft, a maritime aircraft, a helicopter, nautical means based in Boulogne, an intervention tug and assistance, and a customs"enumerated the maritime mayor Philippe Dutrieux, on the antenna of France Bleu Nord.

In recent weeks, authorities have faced new forms of crossing: November 14, 17 migrants joined Britain on a stolen fishing boat.

Networks of smugglers "criminals", "mafia"

"We just experienced one night during which we observed an increase until now unknown"said the maritime mayor this morning, adding that "the phenomenon amplifiedit hardened with networks of smugglers that I would call criminals, mafia, who push migrants to the sea under conditions " qualified as "dangerous".

I'm not fighting migrants, I'm here to save them.

That is why the maritime prefecture wants to warn about the risks that migrants are facing, in particular through the associations that come to their aid.

"I'm not fighting migrants, I'm here to save them."Insists France Bleu Philippe Dutrieux, who also intervenes to" intercept smugglers "and"bring them to justice so that justice can do its work and overthrow those networks".

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