Carla Bruni and her body: "I did not do much to keep it"


Before becoming an interpreter, today's author and composer Carla Bruni was one of the greatest models of the 1990s. "When I think of my model years, the memories are dizzying.", she sums up in the last edition of she. The magazine brings together in its pages three emblematic icons of this period: Elle Macpherson, Cindy Crawford and Carla. In the interview, Nicolas Sarkozy's wife talks about her children, but also about her relationship with her body.

"In the top modeling career, I did not look for that. Child, I felt almost transparent, not very pretty, recalls Carla Bruni. The eyes of others allowed me to build."Model, she discovers her power of seduction:"I learned that the beauty of the body is a possibility, an opportunity, an opportunity. This style is about personality and a lot of simplicity."

I like the pleasure of a good glass of wine or a cigarette, even if I just left

Musician above all, Carla Bruni only occasionally finds the heat of the photo studios. At age 51, this mother of two says: "Finally, this physicalI did not do much to keep him. I'm lucky to have a little appetite, I play sports every day, but I also know how to live well! I like the pleasure of a good glass of wine or a cigarette, even if I have quit smoking."

In September 2017, two months before her 50th birthday, Carla Bruni confided having a "very good report"to his body on the pages of Score : "I am aware that it has been a working tool. I am grateful to him for having accompanied me for so many years. I treat him and I am very attentive to the messages he sends me. I do not find this particularly cute or ugly, but I find it practical and dynamic."

she, in the stands on April 19, 2018.


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