Breaking Marlene and Kevin, what actually happened in "Married at First Sight"


Marlene and Kevin, a couple of Season 3's "Married at First Sight". – Thomas PADILLA / M6

  • This Monday night we witnessed the end of Marlene and Kevin's wedding.
  • Kevin seems to want to approach Marina, a friend of Marlene's.
  • "20 Minutes" asked the two protagonists how they felt about this story.

Between Marlene and Kevin, as on their honeymoon, they had not stayed as they expected. In the episode of Married at first sight Monday night, then they separated. But it is difficult to understand what happened between the famous night on which everything would have slipped and the famous
to break. We seek to find out more from key stakeholders.

Already, for the purpose of the show, "a shortcut was made in the edition," says Marlene. 20 minutes. The night was a problem that occurred off the camera, the show hanging for a night filmed to do more than one. "One weekend I went to Kevin's house and had a party with his aunt, other relatives and Marina," she says. Kevin did not calculate anything, did not look at me, and I saw that he was ambiguous with Marina. He lives two hours by car from
Toulouse. When we left, we talked about it in the car. She told me she felt the same way I did. "

"I needed time"

Kevin does not see what is surprising in his attitude toward Marlene. "When I came back from the honeymoon, it was complicated for me, I needed time," he explains. 20 minutes. When I left for Marlene, I still had my doubts. After this weekend, I realized that she was not a girl for me and that we would not be successful. That's what I told him, it was very clear. As for his attitude towards Marina, he regrets that it has been perceived as ambiguous.

"I actually did not flirt with his girlfriend.I laughed with her like I could have laughed with my sister, aunt or anyone else.I laugh with everyone.To the message I was clumsy.It was in the sense" I like you because we can laugh at everything. "At the performance of the show, I say I like girls with the forms, she had to do 40 kg all wet.It was not a hindrance.I tried to explain myself to Marlene 50,000 times, but she did not understand.

In the center of the imbroglio, the messages exchanged by Kevin and Marina. If Marlene claims not to have known that Marina sent a message to her husband, he experienced it as a "coup." "To send me a message to show Marlene, I think it's too low," he thinks. Knowing that, besides Marlene, he was dead. "

"Still a disappointment"

"When he told me he wanted us to be friends, I was very sad about my expectations," says Marlene. For me it was a very big failure. Seeing this message, I entered a phase where I was no longer sad, I was angry. As for his mate, he seems to be a long way away when she tells him she does not want to deal with him anymore. "I took it lightly because there was nothing wrong with me, and with Marlene it was very clear, yes, I wanted to get married, but she was not my girlish style, which is why I wanted to take the time."

But does Kevin regret his attitude? "Oh yeah, I'm sorry! Because I feel like I'm dealing with a teenager and I find it completely nil on her part [le message qu’il a interprété comme un piège]. It's not like I kissed someone, like I slept with someone. It's his girlfriend who writes to me and I respond. I know I'll be a big jerk after the episode. I made a reason. For me, I have nothing to reprove me. I'm good in my sneakers. It takes a bad guy in history. "

It's hard not to think if the story between the two Toulousans did more harm than good … "It was another disappointment, another fall, reports Marlene. I had the impression of falling lower and not touching the bottom to be able to climb. I was very upset at the time.I just wanted to live a beautiful and simple story.Fortunately, the couple later divorced without problems. "It was very good," says the young woman.We exchanged two three words, we talked about the show.Today we have We exchange about broadcasting, which we put into social networks. "

All is well that ends well

And despite some feathers left by the two involved, the show's experience seems to have been positive. "I'm very happy at the moment, I do not want to go against him. It's been almost a year now, we divorced in December. Married at first sight brought me very good friends with the people of this season, and Florian of the second season. I'm also friends with girls I met during casting, but they were not selected by production to follow the show. "

On Kevin's side, it's also positive: "I learned a lot about myself, about giving myself a little more, because here I was faced with a lot of people anyway. To let things happen, more to let me use, this helped me I'm in a relationship with someone I've met thanks to Florian since season two. From the beginning, I thought that being selected meant that fate promised me something good … "


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