Thursday , November 14 2019
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Blood Shot by Lucas Moura and Neymar

Neymar's bloodshed – a blow to a fan as he sought his medal in the stands on Saturday after a loss in the Coupe de France final against the Stade Rennais – made him react. After the coach of Paris SG Thomas Tuchel, it is Lucas, former partner of the Brazilian national team in the Seleção and in the capital, who spoke on the subject, to the microphone of the Brazilian media. Interactive sport.

"You have to know how to live, Neymar made a mistake, he knows, you can not attack anyone, on or off the field, the most important thing is to recognize him, he's tall, he knows it. with these provocations.You have to be deaf and not pay attention to all of this. "said the Tottenham resident. The advice is over.

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