autopsy concludes "cardiovascular failure" and suggests "toxic" origin


Police said the 31-year-old man ingested an unidentified substance during a blood alcohol check. Afflicted by convulsions, he died after two days in a coma.

Ange Dibenesha's autopsy indicates that her death probably originated "Toxic"the Paris prosecutor said Monday, April 1. The 31-year-old man died Saturday, two days after being hospitalized after a check on the road, during which he ingested an unidentified substance, the city said.

"It seems from the findings of the coroner that all autopsy data are in favor of a death from cardio-vascular insufficiency to look for a toxic origin", detailed the floor. Analyzes, including toxicology, will now be conducted.

The police headquarters said Sunday that it had carried out a road check at Angel Dibenesha on Thursday at around 0150 on the ring road in Paris. "In case of cancellation of your driving license" and known by the police for narcotics, he was tested positive for the alcohol test.

The town hall says that while motorcyclists called a police car, Ange Dibenesha had "ingested an unidentified substance ". According to information collected by the police source of Franceinfo, it was cocaine. It was then taken from convulsions, "the prefecture said in its statement. After a massage in the heart of the firemen, he was transported to the Paris hospital of Pitié-Salpêtrière, where he died on Saturday.

The death of Ange Dibenesha provoked many reactions in the social networks, of artists like Omar Sy and political figures like Benoît Hamon and Alexis Corbière. These messages included questions about the fact that it took more than 24 hours for her family to be notified, which her mother lamented. But also about the possibility that this young black man has been a victim of police violence.

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