At the opening of his murder trial, Michel Fourniret reiterates his obsession with virginity


In a tense dialogue with a defense lawyer, the "ogre des Ardennes" evoked his first marriage to a woman who was not a virgin.

"If I had not married a woman who did not have a little inexperience, it would not have happened." Accused again of murder in a court of law, serial killer Michel Fourniret again blamed his crimes on Tuesday, November 13, for his union with his first wife and, in particular, for not being a virgin. during the marriage in 1962.

Already sentenced to death for the murder of seven women, Fourniret often explained his crimes by his obsession with virginity. In particular, he told researchers that he needed "to hunt at least two virgins a year," because his first wife, whom he thought was a virgin, was not married at the time of his marriage.

During this new trial, before the Yvelines court, Michel Fourniret is not tried for a new murder of a girl, but appears alongside his ex-wife Monique Olivier for the 1988 assassination of Farida Hammiche. , the wife of one of her former co-detainees, intent on seizing the spoils of the "hair gang." A vile crime that allowed the "ogre des Ardennes" to buy various properties and perpetrate their criminal series.

His first wife had "had lives before", Michel Fourniret, all dressed in black, hair and white beard, said. "Irreversible, the result", He continued coldly, interviewed by Didier Seban, lawyer, including Jean-Pierre Hellegouarch, Farida Hammiche's widower. marry "a virgin a lady of 7 years, 3 months and 18 days the oldest, but lacked by much inexperience, (…) is like an explosive shell in your head. Suddenly he shouted at Seban, raising his voice. "I'm stealing" calmly replied the lawyer.

Asked early in the afternoon about her personality, Fourniret's ex-wife, whom he had divorced in 2010, sitting in the box several feet away, was more prolific. Monique Olivier introduced herself as a woman under influence, entered into a relationship with Fourniret while he is in detention because she I'll go there


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