Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, her weight gain: "My mother did not recognize me"


It was in the 2000s that Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine made her debut with Marc-Olivier Fogiel in We can not please everyone (France 3). Like all those who carry out the profession of animator, she was submitted to the dictates of fashion and beauty. Restrictions she did not take into account when she confided gala.

"In fact, I was resigned for a long time, because I thought the women who made TV were beautiful and I do not cochais this box"The 48-year-old facilitator said," When she was 15, she felt good about herself and her gym teacher even cited her as an example. "sporting featBut it all changed when she went on a trip to the United States after getting a scholarship to do her second year there.

"I came back quite frankly. I loved the food, I was young, away from my family, no one was watching me. When my mother saw me at Easter, she was speechless. She did not recognize me."said the facilitator C for you (France 5). She estimates that she had to take a dozen pounds in six months. "In a small body, it is a lot. I did not want to go back to France so much I loved the food there"she concluded.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine's complete interview can be found in the journal gala of June 20, 2019.


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