An incredible impact crater discovered on Mars


As every year, over two hundred asteroids and comets collide on the surface of the Red Planet without actually leaving a legacy, NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), orbiting 255 kilometers (200 miles) from Earth. altitude, observed in April a crater of very unusual impact.

In addition to being remarkable for its size and its impact features, the dash of the collision denotes, above all, its surprising colors, a blend of blue and black contrasting with the warm tones of the planet. According to researchers at the University of Arizona, who analyzed the images, the blue hue may be water ice that, lying under a thin layer of dust, was exposed at the time of the collision. To see the crater image in HD, here it is.

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Photograph of the famous impact crater © Nasa, JPL, University of Arizona

At 15 to 16 meters in length, far more than any crater seen so far by the US space agency, the crater was caused by a fragment about 150 centimeters in diameter, large enough not to disintegrate the beautiful Martian atmosphere. Unlike other celestial bodies that have partially burned and form a myriad of holes in the impact, it has the effect of a bullet.

It is on the equator of Mars, not far from the famous Valles Marineris, that the impact happened. The researchers estimated that the collision occurred between September 2016 and February 2019, without further clarification. This is the first time, in thirteen years of observing the Red Planet within the framework of the MRO mission, that such an important phenomenon is occurring.

twitter makes its hole

The impact crater is so unique that it has inspired more than one. If most Internet users marveled, some pointed to similarities, say "anatomical" cavity with a very specific part of the human body. What put your feet back on Earth with a slightly muddy joke.

"At first glance, I really thought it was something else."

More explicit (less subtle), this English-speaking surfer we will not translate.


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