Alpha protocol disappears from Steam, SEGA explains why (MAJ)


standard plot in the videogame world: an Obisidian RPG much appreciated despite its defects has been removed from the Valve store. Faced with the issues raised by this unexpected withdrawal, SEGA responded.

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[[[[Update June 20, 2019 12:44: Sega contacted Eurogamer to specify that the Alpha Protocol license always belonged to it and that the rights in effect expires the songs]

So yes, he was not very handsome overall. Yes, he was a blind insect. But what a wonderful game. Alpha Protocol, espionage RPG that Jason Bourne and James Bond would not deny, is no longer available on Steam. Your card now says:

Alpha Protocol is not selling on Steam.

What could have happened to SEGA to do this? Eurogamer contacts a company representative. He explains that this follows the expiration of the publication rights. It can be concluded that Obsidian, the developer, can use the license as he sees fit. Should we see a return signal or remastering promoted by Microsoft, who bought the studio? We can always dream.

Waiting for a miracle The next Obisidian bb, The Outer Worlds, arrives in 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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