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Air Pollution May Cause Brain Tumors


A new Canadian study done for the first time the link between toxic nanoparticles and disease, say The Guardian and Slate.

According to scientific research, increased exposure to ultra fine particles combustion would result in an additional case of brain cancers per 100,000 people exposed.

This research is based on the analysis of the medical records of 1.9 million adults living in Canada and its exposure to pollution in twenty-five years (from 1991 to 2016). While the risks of brain cancer related to air pollution remain minimal, Scott Weichenthal McGill University (Canada), who led the study, believes that "if we multiply these small risks by a large number of people, there could be many cases. In a large city, for example, that number could be significant.

10% more risk in the city

The study reveals that a year of exposure to about 10,000 nanoparticles carried carcinogens per cubic centimeter, a street where cars drive, increases the risk of brain cancer by more than 10%. According to Scott Weichenthal, people living in an environment where pollution is 50,000 nanoparticles per cm3 Tue 50% additional risk develop brain cancer compared to those living in a polluted air of 15,000.

The professor of epidemiology and biostatistics wishes to remember that his study is at this stage only a first analysis. According to Scott Weichenthal, it is necessary to multiply the research on the subject to confirm or not the hypothesis of a causal link.

7 million deaths per year

Other scientific research has shown that breathing toxic air causes brain effects : reduced intelligence, mental health problems.

For its part, the World Health Organization even calls air pollution " silent public health emergency And it estimates that it would kill about 7 million people each year.

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