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Air Austral achète 3 Airbus A220-300 for augmenting your dessert in Indien

Moment historique ce soir au Lux. You are in the air for all of your air crew pass command of three airplanes.

Marie-Joseph Malé of a côté for Air Austral, and Christopher Buckley, Executive Commercial Vice President of the Airbus author, on which the Airbus A220-300 three-way contract, with 132 seats (12 in Comfort) et 120 in Loisirs), which refers to those of Boeing 737-800 et al., ATR 72-500 by means of a dizaine d'années.

The premier app will have his steals in November of a prochain. This is due to a second plus late, and troops rejoining the flute of the Southern to the end of the first quarter 2021.

Dune Vale unitaire comprised between 90 and 100 million dollars, the prix de vente reels sont confidentiels, the appareils of toute dernière genera tion seront plus petits that the Boeing 737 will remotely, tout in a while of revient au siège and CO2 emissions by 20% before the application of the previous generation.

It is exactly that you know that Air Austral car Boeing 737 has a significant capacity (162 places) on certain lines. It is not rare for the planes to fly to the ground to come to Salason, which is expected to be significantly revived. With the problem of disparate avec l'A220 which has 30 sièges de moins. Quitte à effectuer plusieurs rotations pending la haute saison.

The Rayon d'Action de l'A220 will be 6,300km long, with an area of ​​5,600 for the 737, with an additional advantage of the other destinations at Gillot's volley gate.

Finally, there are more things to go for the president Male to cours of the present: L'A220 has the ceiling plus the haut of the catagory, the sketches of them plus the larger single-couloirs, three-lugged luggage racks and panoramic hublots .

The President of Malé in the priority cache for the Southern Air will reinforce the existing destinations, with three probabilities of multiplying them with an example of Johannesburg in South Africa, Madagascar further afield. Mayotte et Maurice.

President Didier Robert, who intervened as president of the SEMATRA, without the Regional Actionnaire Major of the Southern Air, is happy to see that the Regional Coordinator has all the way to improve the envelope of the Regional and "Grand". regional". "The dimension Sud-Sud doit davantage"a-t-il souligné.

It is the general development that is likely to be likely to be carried out in the second half of 2020 by a volumetric simulator for A220, which has a regional role to play in shaping the center of the monde. This is the way to create a maintenance center for A220 based on Ivato, in collaboration with Air Madagascar. While ensuring that the Malagasy national team is also three likely to pass a command on the A220.

For a couple of years, Air Austral poursuit is the reflection of the long-flier refurbishment of the intervening courant 2023.

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