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activists comfort outgoing leadership and give a warning to Yannick Jadot

Julien Bayou's motion would receive approximately 44 percent of the vote. What was Yannick Jadot's preference is distanced.

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The motion led by Julien Bayou (with the microphone here June 1) came largely ahead of the November 16 vote by EELV militants.
The motion led by Julien Bayou (with the microphone here June 1) came largely ahead of the November 16 vote by EELV militants. BERTRAND GUAY / AFP

It is both a reaffirmation and a warning. Europe Ecology-The Greens activists were to designate, on Saturday, November 16, the 400 delegates who will represent them at the November 30 congress in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis). These delegates come from the four texts put to the vote: that of the outgoing board of directors, "Ecology in Power, Growing Together to Win, at Last," conveyed especially by spokesmen Julien Bayou and Sandra Regol; former MEP Essonne Eva Sas's motion, "The Time of Ecology"; and two further left-marked contributions, "Le Souffle de l'ecologie", by Deputy National Secretary Alain Coulombel and "Democracy Ecolo" by Philippe Stanisière and Christine Juste.

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According to estimates of the various movements, the internal balance of power crystallizes around these non-final results on Saturday night: Julien Bayou's text comes largely to the lead with a score of around 44% of the vote. Next up are Eva Sas (about 27%) and Alain Coulombel (22%). Mr. Stanisière's and Just reap, meanwhile, 7%.

The result is clear: the Greens, therefore, wanted to renew the team of David Cormand, who goes through this congress. With this score, Julien Bayou logically claims the post of national secretary. "It is the clear choice of members, let's propose this logic, he says in World. We come largely to leadership. Let's propose a meeting. With these four movements, there is a reaffirmation of ecology. It happened in a peaceful atmosphere. "


The other lesson of this internal voting is the warning to Yannick Jadot. The strong greens, whose list won 13.5% of the vote in the May European elections, reportedly supported Eva Sas's motion. Admittedly, he has not signed any text and is not expressed on the subject. But his preference was an open secret. "Yannick didn't plan to talk about it, he really didn't care. You really don't see [dans le score de l’aile gauche] something against Yannick, not reallysays the deputy's entourage.

With a delay between 15 and 20 points, this is a denial of the aspiring president, the first in two years. The activists also wanted to punish a renowned MEP "Centrist"too "German". Mr Jadot will have to do with: The EELV remains a left-anchored party when it wants to gather around the fight for ecology a broad spectrum beyond traditional divisions, which can be summarized as follows: "Jean-Louis Borloo to François Ruffin".

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Jadot also felt the beginning of this reaffirmation of the identity left at the EELV base during the summer days of August in Toulouse. His closing speech was felt and reflected a clear social inflection.

Eva Sas refutes any idea of ​​sanction against Yannick Jadot: "Outgoing management has no majority, it is also a denial! We are pleased, our goal is met." She adds: "The Jadot line is represented in every motion, it was not for or against Jadot. And now, he has almost a quarter of the party supporting him. That strengthens him."

King or Queen Creator

Alain Coulombel – whose text was signed by two Green figures, Yves Cochet and Alain Lipietz – is in the best position: that of the king (or queen) breeder, since no one has the majority. Your score also reveals a willingness to anchor on the left, as the motion defends the "Building a political space with part of the left in the process of greening"; to understand the "nonproductivist" left as Génération.s, Nouvelle Donne or Place public, to insubordinate France.

Now opens a period of intense negotiations until November 30. Bayou will have to propose an alliance with the other lists to get as "united" as possible to the Saint-Denis congress. He could be a majority with Mr. Coulombel's left list. But hard to do without the "jadotistas" … "Everything is open. We are entering the discussion phase. And nobody has the majority …"remember Mme Sas.

The game remains open. Theoretically, a single motion is possible, as well as a counter-alliance to prevent the Parisian activist from taking the reins of the party. After all, this scenario is highly unlikely.

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