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A part of it, the bitcoins sold in the bureau de tabac

From cigarette packets, from gratifying and from cryptomonnaies. From the beginning of October 10, the Keplerk Bitcoin Sales Office reprimanded the service in the French Bureau, Annonce entered the BFM Tech. Dévoilé in november dernier, the device avait is deployed in january 2019 from then on suspended moins of two more plus late, the 27th of February.

Keplerk clients will be able to find a bitcoin with a coupon of 50, 100 or 250 euros. It is marketed for the sake of its use in the region, in which it measures the bitcoin in the form of a financier act or a legal sense of the term.

Does the device have a device? A complement of revenus and a coup de pouce at the end of the image for the tobacco bureaux; a simple and efficient way to curieux the acquirer plus the one with the numerical devises, along with the plates of the classics, the composers techniques that are dissuasive. In the meantime, 6500 bureaus of tobacco for the front concern for the second release, promises to enterprise. You are not from a terminal of the society of Bimedia, Don Keplerk is in charge.

"Victime de son succès"

For justifying the suspension of the son service in February 2019, Keplerk invokes the fait d'avoir is "the son of success". One of the main problems in the long run of the transaction is long. "Certain people mettaient jusqu'à huit heures to receive leurs bitcoins sur leurs portefeuilles numériques", relies ainsi Adil Zakhar, PDG of l'entreprise.

"The product marches well, plus the days of the sale of the people on it is suspended. Je plus' me and the others of the prestataire" explain from the côté un buraliste concerné, BFM Tech.

The transaction dels are on the racecourcis. The commission pre-paid surcharge transaction a, he, is abaissée from 7% to 5,5% pour les coupons from 250 euros. Keplerk's abandonment of the idea of ​​a trader to self-regulate, to ether, to concentrate solely on bitcoin. For his retour, the cryptosociété to fait peau neuve, with a new identity and a new logo.

Les commentaires associés a son application ont ailleurs una Google Play et l'App store. From which I want the criticisms to be formulated to the proposal of the son service, so that the commentaries of the avant même son lancement.

Digycode, premier dans la course

If Keplerk retains the chance, the SME has to march on Digycode's trades, a self-employed French venture and a bitcoin sales service on the bureaus of Tabac, since 2017. The reseller society has amassed 10,000 partenaires, not since stations-services, and 200,000 to 300,000 euros of chiffre d'affaires per month. In faith, as a result of Keplerk's suspension of the service, a source from within the capital departs to the Capital of blessings coming from 2,500 to 3,500 euros for the same, from a so-called buralist. A succession of three mesures.

In July 2018, Digycode alongside dresses is a verbal process, BFM Tech is looking for a copy, with Keplerk's counterpart, "Paysafebit". The raison: a copy quasiment mot for mot of "these conditions general vente sur son Internet site". "Our friends had no response from Keplerk," notes Christopher Villegas, Digycode PDG.

Des risifés actifs

Dans ce context houleux, faut-il if it scratches aller to find bitcoins in bureau de tabac? Opportunity remains a priori without danger and may constitute a premier pass on the cryptomonnaies, to the limit of the limited investments. The authorités invitent, they, to the prudence. In November, the Financing Authorities Authorization (MFA), the Banque de France and the Prudent Control and Resolutions Authorization (ACPR) have increased their commitment to investing in specific activities, by their adaptations to profes d'investisseurs particuliers non avertis ".

The bitcoin, which is associated with the most interesting financial perspectives of the three volatile factors, is normal in the form of Web dedies to cet effet. Ces dernières is ready to encore by the attendees of the grand public. According to Coinhouse's cello style, formerly "Maison du Bitcoin", he made his way to the aid of bitcoin detectors in order to deal with the questions. The bureaux de tabac, eux, seront exempés of telles recommandations.

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