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A parent offers 10 fans at his son's school, National Education refuses

Philippe Bouriachi thought it over. To fight against the heatwave in Romain-Rolland Orly's classes, this father offered ten fans to the establishment. 0x495a59e10df6264d

A beautiful present. " Yesterday, even the teachers thanked me. "He testified in the Parisian, a beautiful gesture noted by a National Education inspector, the latter intervened immediately to refuse the present, can not help children and staff!


" Any material that arrives in a first grade school is subject to a regulation in connection with the commune. And this to protect against any risk to the safety of students and staff "Comments from the Academic Inspection. These fans are certified standard French, I do not see what else! "Regrets Philippe Bouriachi, who does not understand the logic of the institution." In my daughter's class, without curtains or blinds, it's forty degrees! (…) In the end, with this decision, the children are penalized. "

"How to do it when there are no curtains, no shady garden or insulation?"

Officially the Ministry of National Education and Youth recommends, during episodes of heat waves, "keep children in a legal environment(I.e.Have a thermometer per room to check the temperature of the facilities(I.e.Avoid prolonged sun exposure"Recommendations that sometimes provoked the skepticism of teachers."Keeping children in a good mood? How to do it when there are no curtains, shaded patio or insulation?"Ask Snuipp-FSU, the first union between kindergarten teachers and primary schools."In many cases, the board can not respondFor the consequences of the heat wave, adds the organization. There remains the possibility of closing schools. But again, the minister blows hot and cold. This problem would be managed incase by case»Ensures Jean-Michel Blanquer for whom the possibilities of«intermediate solutionsCan be found. For example, to run in the morning, but not in the afternoon.

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