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A new etude shows that luminothérapie is also effective than antidepressants

Selon with the French chercheurs, the bienfaits of thérapie for the lumière plus the simple fight against the saltsonnière depression.

Alors that the lumière limb fits plus in plus resent, s'exposer to the lampe of luminothérapie It is an option here to do so if you want to counteract the depression. More than chercheurs français ont mené a metétude démontrant son efficacité in the treatment of the serious depressions.

The light in complement or replacement of antidepressants

A team from the CHU of Strasbourg and a psychiatrist and doctor of the sommeil to Paris on the basis of their methods available in the scientific literature, which concerns the environ- ment 400 participants who are aware of a depressive episode of the series. Recent conclusions that luminothérapie in these countries are the most effective than antidepressants, and the advanced chercheurs that read two types of treatment are more effective than their seizure of antidepressants, even with the simple depression of salts.

An indispensable medical accord

Au Monde, psychiatrist Pierre Alexis Geoffroy explains: “Dans le cadre d'une depression non sevère, on a proposal by the intention of antidepressants or a luminothérapie, on the basis of the patient's preferences, son profil and the tolerance of the doctors. In these serious ways, the association may be set up by the embassy, ​​in order to obtain an effet plus a rapid response to the antidepressant seuls ”.
More rappelle than recourse to cette lumière comes from celle du soleil, dans le cadre d'un episode depressif, doit émis à a medical agreement. Et ce, in the use of the lamps class “medical device”, which concerns the appareils available on the marché.

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