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7 offers you should enjoy Monday morning ?

Just a few days before the end of the French Spring Days – this Monday is again very busy with offers in flash. For this weekend, e-commerce giants Amazon, Fnac Darty, Cdiscount or Rue du Commerce have revealed even more compelling deals than this weekend. If you intend to make your purchases cheaper, now is the time to take advantage because the shortages are just around the corner.

Here is a list of participants in the French Days 2019:

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The best deals on the Monday of the French days

Day after day, online marketers surprise us with new offers for those French days. This Monday is no exception to the rule, and the giants of e-commerce have decided to further strengthen their offerings – targeting high-quality and very popular products. Below we have created a list of the best offers of French days for this day. The list below is updated frequently, with new offers and shortages.

Last updated: Monday, April 29, 7:55

Offers in Flash on French Days for this Monday:


TV, computer, general purpose technology:


With e-commerce growing in market share, merchants have adapted to the needs and behaviors of customers. For the French Days, Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac Darty have decided to offer their customers 2 types of special discounts: there are continuous offers that are valid from Monday to midnight to midnight at midnight without stock restriction. Then there are the flash offers valid for a set period of time, but limited by the quantities. When the stock runs out, the supply disappears. They are the most popular for this edition of the French Days 2019 – and they are the ones that were revealed this Monday morning.

If you want to make the best deals for these French days, the flash offers on Amazon, Cdiscount and others will be activated. Traders know that the French always return to the platform to see the latest business in progress. Some start early in the day at midnight, others in the middle. Therefore, it is necessary to return frequently in each of the sites to see the best deals.

Strategy to optimize your purchases

For those who want to save money, French Days can save up to 70% on some products. Amazon, Cdiscount and the Fnac Darty group have announced tens of thousands of valid reductions on Monday. You can find in each of the pages of e-commerce sites dedicated to promotions for those French days of the spring of 2019.

However, you will need to have patience because there really is a large number of promotions and therefore it is difficult to navigate. It is also for this reason that we offer you this list of the best plans for the French Days below. We classify in real time the different offers available in different merchants and we show the best price. This is just a small selection of tens of thousands of rebates – so if you want to know more, go directly to each of the trading platforms available in the list above.

This third edition of the French Days experienced a real boom thanks to the active participation of Amazon's e-commerce specialist, which was initially set aside because of the French character of the operation. If the latter is not officially active in the organization of the French Days, it offers, during the same period, very nice reductions which competed in large part with the traditional French actors such as Cdiscount and Fnac Darty.

French days led by Amazon

Quite clearly, these French Days were marked by the Amazon platform, especially since it offered very popular products at prices never seen before, neither at home nor between competitors. So we've seen discounts on the popular Nintendo Switch, different iPhone, iPad and MacBook, Dyson products or even high-end Android phones such as the Huawei P30 and the Samsung Galaxy S10.

However, many of the best deals have already disappeared, and this requires customers to be very receptive as soon as they enjoy an offer during those French days. So, the deals you see on Monday and you like, we advise you do not hesitate and make the request. The Amazon giant, like most of its French counterparts participating in French Days, offers a 30-day period during which customers can return the product at no cost and get a refund. This allows you to avoid regrets at the time of a purchase, especially during peak periods such as the French Days.

For this Monday of the French Days, first day of the week, Amazon, Cdiscount and Fnac Darty renewed some promotional offers, but added many new references in reduction. The discount percentage may also vary slightly from yesterday so it is worth looking at the products that interest you.

If officially traders are not allowed to sell at a loss outside periods such as winter and summer sales, the French days, however, publish very high discounts, which will inevitably attract the public. While some referrals are up to -70% off the original price, popular products like Apple products receive about 20-25% off French Days.

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