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7 flash offers up to -55% to catch Tuesday night ?

While sales start tomorrow at 8:00 am, several online marketers have organized instant sales today that can make very good savings on their purchases while the frenzy has not yet begun. The deals posted at the moment are very generous, and yet will rush a bit to claim those products before they arrive out of stock.

Here are some traders who participate in the sales of 2019:

Not surprisingly, e-commerce giants such as Cdiscount, Fnac Darty, and Amazon actively participate in this new summer sales episode. Today, this period is critical for traditional traders who try to forget the six-month demonstrations of yellow jackets that penalized their turnover. Regardless of whether they are classic traders or e-merchants, everyone is willing to make interesting deals for these balances, to mitigate their losses.

List of instant sales for these summer sales of 2019

For six weeks, and until August 6, 2019, virtual merchants will chain promotions on their platforms. Most of them, however, have planned to publish all good deals from day one, and will sometimes struggle to see the benefits before they get out of stock. To have an advantage in this race, we can only invite you to identify and enjoy the best flash offerings this Tuesday night.

2019 Summer Sale: Live offers in Flash

Last updated: Tuesday, June 25, 6:13 pm


If you're a regular salesperson, you probably know there are two types of promotions during this operation: flash offerings and ongoing promotions. Flash offerings are limited by inventory and time, and generally relate to major brands like Apple, Samsung, Philips or Moulinex. The discount percentages are certainly a bit smaller, but they are state-of-the-art products, very popular. Every day, Cdiscount, Amazon and others publish a new list of these offers in flash, forcing users to return regularly to the site.

On the other hand, we have ongoing promotions during sales, which will be posted on Wednesday at 8:00 am on sites like Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty or Boulanger, which often relate to somewhat less popular products. There, the percentages of reduction are much higher and the economy can be really important. These ongoing promotions may be subject to additional sales rebookings – as long as inventory is still available.

Sell ​​Cdiscount

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Cdiscount, champion of sales in front of Amazon?

For winter sales last January, Cdiscount distinguished itself largely from the Amazon leader with tens of thousands of very competitive offers during this operation. The Bordeaux dealer decided once again to hit strong summer sales in 2019, and he should logically offer more plans than his eternal rival. Amazon should expect to put the package on Prime Day, which works like every year in July.

Still, the American giant will not be outdone during the sales of rivals such as Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty or Boulanger. It is used to offer every day qualitative flash offers, which we will obviously encounter throughout the operation. While we are only on Tuesday, D-1 official sales release, Amazon already has some great nuggets – but the Cdiscount is probably already ahead.

During sales at Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty, you can expect all major brands of electronics but also home appliances. Among them we can cite the giants Samsung, LG, Sony, Apple, but also more specialized brands such as Philips, Dyson, Moulinex or Netgear. You'll find the top deals for 2019 summer sales from the list above, which will be updated over the course of days. Feel free to bookmark this page.

To see different themes – like DIY, gardening, fashion or decoration – you will need to go mainly to Amazon and Cdiscount which have a general catalog. You can also sell in other specialist electronic traders, like La Redoute, for example. To see all the promotions and offers of these sales in Cdiscount, you are here:

View Cdiscount's Deals

What is the benefit of taking advantage of sales?

The French government is closely monitoring the deals on all active traders in France and has defined several rules. Be aware that out of the two sales periods (winter and summer), traders have no right to sell at a loss. In other words, Amazon, Cdiscount and others can not sell below the vendor purchase price.

If this has been decided, it is not to harm competition and not to break the market. At the same time, the government still wants to allow traders to sell their unsold stock (for the next season) thanks to sales. They can therefore sell below their purchase price from their vendor, and this is a good opportunity for the French to buy the cheapest. Logically, rebates during summer sales are more interesting than during a black Friday or during French days.

In addition, French people benefit from a number of guarantees during their online purchases – be it a purchase during sales or not. For example, they can return the package if they are not satisfied: Amazon offers all customers 30 days free returns and Cdiscount a maximum of 14 days. This is a good way to take no risk on your purchases, even if we buy at a great price. Please note that during these sales, Amazon and Cdiscount maintain their 30-day trial offer for their loyalty program (Amazon Prime or Cdiscount for Will), which allows the benefit of free delivery delivered in one day.

To see all sales on Amazon, here it is:

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