3 new functions for 15 years of service


Gmail celebrates 15 years today and Google took the opportunity to launch no less than three new features for its famous message: Smart Composition, O Schedule Shipping it's the Dynamic Mail.

Gmail was opened on April 1st, 2004 and many of us believe in the joke of an April fool at the time. However, this was not the case and the solution was quickly imposed on the market due to its simplicity of use and its huge storage space.

15 years later, the service has not lost its pride, quite the opposite.

Gmail gets rich with three new features

In recent years, Google has really enriched a lot by adding new features. Functions that have made a real Swiss productivity knife. Like the "hold" feature inherited from Inbox or those famous filters without which our inbox would probably fit more into the war zone.

The giant Mountain View, however, is not one of those who rests and has just released three new features for Gmail.

Smart Compose is the first of them and should save us a lot of time every day because it will offer us expressions ready to respond to our messages. Contextual expressions whose content will depend mainly on the email or the current discussion. If the function is not new, it has been available for some time in the United States, now extends to the French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese markets. However, you must have an iOS or Android smartphone to take advantage of it and the function still does not seem active on all accounts.

Happy birthday from Gmail!

Schedule Send was also announced earlier this year. There are no big surprises here, the function is appropriately called and will simply allow us to set the time to send our emails in advance. Once again, the option is not yet active on all accounts and will probably wait a few weeks for you to enjoy.

The third function is as interesting as the first two. Dynamic Mail will make our emails a bit more interactive, allowing us to schedule appointments or even fill out questionnaires directly from Gmail without the need to open a tab in our browser or go through another service.


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