Yolanda Hadid is so happy Bella Hadid and Weeknd are back together


Yolanda Hadid is a proud mother.

For the second year, his two famous daughters, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, walked in the annual Victoria's Secret Parade. This year, the stunning brothers paraded on the Big Apple Lane, where the show was recorded inside Pier 94.

As the Hadid girls paraded their wings along the catwalk, Yolanda applauded them in the front row next to her younger daughter's famous boyfriend, The weekend. So how does the mother feel about her daughter's rekindled romance? After all, in 2016, the ex-exes had an infamous escape shortly after their separation at Victoria's Secret Lane where Bella was making her debut and The Weeknd was serving as a musical guest at the time. The two finally returned together last July.

"I trust their choices and I love who they love and obviously Bella and Abel have had the breakup there for a while and I'm so glad they're together and I could not be happier about it," she told E! s Zanna Roberts Rassi.

Bella Hadid, Yolanda Hadid, Victoria's Secret after the party of 2018

Stephen Lovekin / WWD / Shutterstock

The celeb mom is known to keep you real with your kids, especially when it comes to their careers. As Gigi repeatedly explained, Yolanda always urged them to be the coolest, most respectful, and hardworking models in the room.

"Every girl of that age wants to be a model and there are girls who are much prettier than my girls … and they deserve as much success as my girls," she told Rassi. "If you want, you have to be really authentic and share your heart with people."

As Hadid remarked, "people do not remember a pretty face. People just remember the heart."

With the show officially over, it's another night that women will never forget. As for celebrating, Yolanda said she would finish the evening with a "big fat pizza", a little wine and "just let everything fly".


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