What to watch on Netflix that is new this week (June 16-22)


You are fine: A show that provokes a complicated mystery, purposely difficult to understand through the journeys of the characters trying to solve it. The inhabitants of a small German town (this is a German show) are caught in a past, present and future loop that involves a nuclear power plant, time travel machines and possibly God. As many characters learn, the past can affect the future, but the future can also affect the past because of the nature of this self-repetitive and fatalistic cycle of existence. At first, it seems like the characters of the town disappear – creating a whodunit standard mystery. But these characters disappear at other times in the history of the city, creating strange family dynamics when they return to adulthood at the moment they disappear.

Sum up: This attempt to innovate from the mold of a mystery of missing children to pass whodunit and instead ask why someone does something. Even if you do not enjoy puzzler shows, the elaborate nature of this must impress you from the complicated plot to the most visual aspects of fantasies and creative props. Much like the characters who continue to find strange details about their world, the more they look at their abyss, you can find all kinds of interesting minutiae if you pay close attention to scene by scene.


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