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The good old Botkasten back soon as THEC64

A timeless classic returns and gains an extra life thanks to the upcoming release of the original THEC64 size. Developed by Retro Games Ltd and distributed by Koch Media, the THEC64 is a fully licensed reprint of the best-selling computer system of the 1980s.

1982 begins the success story of the C64 home computer. The miracle of computing was to dominate the 1980s computer scene like no other device. Millions of units sold all over the world guarantee a place in the hearts of all children of the time – and now, 37 years later, it's back!

The original THEC64 format includes a full keyboard, an improved classic micro-switch joystick, four USB ports, and an HDMI port. With all three modes selectable, you'll have a choice between choosing the original C64 BASIC, the VIC20 BASIC startup process, or the most user-friendly gaming carousel that will fit into the 64 preloaded games – at 50Hz or 60Hz with optional CRT filtering .

Pre-installed games include classic games like California Games, Paradroid and Boulder Dash, as well as the "novelties": Attack of Mutant Camels, Hover Bovver, Iridis Alpha and Gridrunner. The icing on the cake are the two recently released Galencia titles and the Planet of Death text adventure. The C64 and VIC20 titles themselves can also be loaded via USB interfaces.

"We are delighted to partner with Koch Media, which once again allows us to bring back more beloved classics from two of the more popular platforms, and this time with a functional keyboard." says Paul Andrews, managing director of Retro Games Ltd. "The THEC64 Fullsize is the rebirth of the classic C64 and the second product in a running series."

THEC64 appears in December 5, 2019 in commerce. The suggested retail price is € 119.99.

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