Texas bill proposes ban on use of food stamp to buy junk food


AUSTIN, TEXAS – A proposed bill would ban Texans from using food coupons in junk food like energy drinks, sweets, biscuits and some chips.

KHOU reported that bill HB4364 was filed March 8 at the House Human Services Commission by Rep. Briscoe Cain, R-Deer Park.

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The proposed bill would bar people from using their SNAP benefits on energy drinks and beverages with 54 milligrams of caffeine or more per 8 fluid ounces, WOAI said.

Sweet or carbonated drinks, some potato chips or corn, candy and cookies are also included in the list of prohibited items.

"Texans at risk and families using the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program are often the most susceptible to diabetes and the serious complications associated with it," Cain said, according to KHOU.

"HB 4364 seeks to contain the spread of diabetes and other health complications among Texans in at-risk populations by eliminating sugary drinks and snacks from the state's nutritional assistance program."

Vegetable juice, weight reduction drinks, beverages recommended by a health professional, drinks fortified with a mineral or vitamin and formula are among the items that can be purchased under the benefits of SNAP.

The invoice and list of prohibited items can be read on Texas.gov.


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