Saturday , October 23 2021

Razer brings more privacy to Synapse 3 users – GAMEtainment


Razer now offers the option to log in to Razer Synapse 3 software with anonymous guest accounts. This gives users unrestricted and easy access to Razer Synapse and Cortex.

Currently in beta, Synapse 3 is the IoT program for extensive customization of Razer compatible hardware. This allows users to reassign buttons, assign macros, and customize Razer Chroma and Philips Hue lighting. Razer's bestselling Razer DeathAdder Elite, and the Razer Huntsman Elite gaming keyboard are compatible.

Razer Synapse Panel

So far, users have created a Razer ID for Synapse 3 with their email address to gain access to the platform with more than 60 million users.

With the guest account feature, users can log in as guests for more privacy while gaining access to all the important features. The guest account can also be used via Synapse 3 with no active online connection.

Guest accounts can also be used on Razer Cortex for PC, a gaming recommendation program that also acts as a game launcher and PC performance enhancement tool.

The Sinapse 3 update will be released on waves around the world. It may take two reboots until the guest login feature is visible.

Synapse 3 can be found on the Razer website.

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