Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 93-year anniversary, news from Europe and news


LONDON (DPA) – British PM Theresa May is expected to lead homage to Queen Elizabeth II on Sunday (April 21), when Britain's oldest monarch turns 93.

The Queen, who has ruled Britain for more than 67 years, is expected to attend a service in the royal chapel of St George inside Windsor Castle on her birthday, which this year coincides with Easter Sunday.

Her birthday will also be marked by a 41-gun salute at a military stop at noon (1100 GMT) on Monday in Hyde Park, near Buckingham Palace, the queen's main residence in London.

Similar royal greetings are expected in Greater Windsor Park and the Tower of London.

In a birthday message last year, May praised the queen's "service, dedication (and) constancy" as the 53-nation Commonwealth chief, led by the British since 1952.

Sunday marks the queen's actual date of birth, while more events are planned in June to mark her official birthday.

Born in 1926, the queen rules since 1952, when she was 25 years old.

In 2015, she overcame the six-decade reign of Queen Victoria, her great-great-grandmother, from 1837 to 1901.

The British constitutional monarchy system keeps the queen as a largely ceremonial head of state, allowing the government to pass laws and administer the country.


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