Project Runway Chances: Sebastian Gray rises in our predictions


Sebastian Gray is the man to beat in Project Runway 17 season. This is according to the combined predictions of Gold Derby users this week, and it's a big leap from last week when he came in fourth on the odds of our track. However, Gray did not win the design challenge at last week's show. That was Hester Sunshine, but we are still skeptical about their chances of winning.

Although Gray has not won the All Rage challenge, it's easy to understand why the episode took him to the top of our charts. The Colombian designer won the previous episode, "The Future Is Here", which was a team challenge in which he not only created his own visual but helped build his teammate. Tessa ClarkIt's also.

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That win gave Gray immunity to elimination in "All the Rage," but despite his safety, he went above and beyond the call of duty again in a complex but flawless outfit that made him the runner-up of the challenge. And he moved the judges when he told them he was working as a housekeeper to support his design work.

Sunshine defeated Gray in the "All the Rage" challenge, but she follows our predictions. At the time she writes, she ranks seventh with 35/1 chances. Why so low? Our readers undoubtedly recall how she struggled with fabric choices in both the previous challenges, and how she conflicted with her teammates in "The Future." She has not yet made it to the last three judges and winning "All the Rage" means she has immunity in tonight's unconventional materials challenge, but if she can hold herself together and win the whole competition still needs to be seen.

'Project Runway' now; change them to the show on Thursday night

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