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New details about the Elden Ring News New details about the Elden Ring

The evolution of the Dark Souls is called Hidetaka Miyazaki a FromSoftware next game, the Elden Ringet.

"O Elden Ring an external preview actionRPG in a fantasy setting. The gameplay is not far from Dark Souls. This does not mean that you have the same gameplay, but you could say that the Elden Ring belongs to the same genre. With a larger world, new systems and mechanisms of action – which was already necessary – I believe that the Elden Ring is a kind of natural evolution for Dark Souls. Although in our previous games the tight and complex dungeons were connected to each other, that is, Elden Ring Your environments will be much more open and larger. Much more extensive will be the basis for the gameplay of Elden Ring, and its mechanics were designed with that in mind. The villages will be the dark ruins you expect. It is a great challenge for us to create a more open world. Building cities for these things would be too much, so we decided to make an open world-style game with a focus on what we are good at.

[THE[THE[A[AGeorge R. R. Martincooperation with

began as a fan of his work. The song of fire and ice and its dramatic adaptation, the Battle of the Thrones, are all masterpieces. I also like Fevre Drea and Tuf Voyaging. Stories in games – at least as we are FromSoftwarewe do this – the writer has many limitations. I did not think it was a good idea for Martin to write the boundaries. A writing about a period unaffected by the player allowed him to release his creativity in a style he liked, and we did not want a much more linear and story-based experience for the Elden Ring. Both problems were solved by Martin writing about the history of the world. The player can discover Martin's mythology through discovery. We are aware of the fact that the player can learn the background story of the game through the details of narrative in the environment, and now you can break the story of Martin. The period the player begins to explore will continue to connect with ancient times, so as you slowly discover why this world today is as if you could learn more about Martin's mythology.

There is no fixed protagonist Elden Ring– let's let the player decide on the characteristics and personality of the character he created, "said Hidetaka Miyazaki, game director, in an interview with IGN. FromSoftware boss.

In his view, larger areas will make the Elden Ring more evolutionary and will take advantage of those regions to better present history and the world, increase freedom and deepen the discovery (something Miyazaki specifically named as the Sekiro Shadows Die Twice). and the battles will be more diverse than before. We can even walk and fight.

Miyazaki, who wrote things with Martin after asking for a meeting (and it was easy to do), studied various open world games for the world of Elden Ring, but was not seriously inspired by any of them and remains faithful to him. FromSoftware traditions. The exciting, dramatic and profound mythology written by Martin on a desktop RPGhe was very impressed, he thought Elden Ringin which NPCs will be much more convincing thanks to Martin's inspiration.

O Elden Ring Playstation 4from distance, Xbox onestop and PRAÇAis preparing for. No release date yet.

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