In an attempt to contain crime, Addis Ababa prohibits the banning of motorcycles



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Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa plans to ban motorcycles in the city from July in an attempt to contain a wave of robberies and robberies, local officials said on Wednesday.

The mayor of Addis Ababa, Takele Uma, said that motorcycles were used in recent crimes and that the city would ban them from July 7, although people who use them for business could be exempt.

"Exceptions will be made to those who run businesses licensed with motorcycles, as well as those who use motorcycles as postal carriers and motorcycles affiliated with embassies," the mayor told reporters.

Addis Ababa, a city estimated at five million, is generally considered safe for residents and foreigners.

But a growing number of violent crimes involving suspects on motorcycles or cars has caused alarm.

The mayor said the proposed ban came after a study of criminal activities in the city found a significant number were carried out using motorcycles.

Takele said the Addis Ababa city administration will also impose a travel ban on most of the city's cargo vehicles during the day to ease traffic congestion in the capital.


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