HERQA takes measures in 15 colleges, campuses


The Agency for Quality and Relevance of Higher Education (HERQA) has adopted measures against 15 private colleges and higher education institutions for failing to meet regulatory requirements., which claims to undermine the quality of education being delivered to students, The reporter Learned.

The Agency, as of last week, issued a letter to 15 colleges, of which most are located in the administration of the city of Oromia and Addis Ababa. Measures range from ordering the closure of campuses and educational facilities to issuing simple warning letters to take remedial action.

In this regard, the University of the Rift Valley was ordered to close its four campuses located in the cities of Ayat, Holeta, AshewaMeda and Sheno. The University is accused of operating campuses and admitting students to the four campuses mentioned above without any certification or permission issued by the regulatory agency.

The University is owned by DenkuDeyassa, a well-known entrepreneur with a range of business activities The hospitality sector for education.

In the same way, Harambe College also commissioned to close its campuses in Genche and Sulutowns for similar breaches. The college was also caught in the act of uninforming the public, announcing itself as a 'university& # 39; while it is a college, HERQA said in a letter issued to the institutions.

Besides that, the agency has also ordered Yardstick College to close its campuses in Genche and Sulutowns for the same reasons of not being able to obtain permission of the Agency.

In addition, the KeaMed Ayer medical school had a campus license, Genius Land University College (false advertisement), Jigdan College (), BST College (authorization), Blue mark (false advertisement), Link College ceiling, Andent college (false advertising), Rada College (licensing), Gage University College (licensing), Wisdom college (authorization), Ethiopies (false advertisement) and Seamless college are also part of the institutions that felt the regulatory wrath of HERQA this week .

After analyzing this, a letter from TamratMota, deputy director of the Agency, indicates that the discoveryings were made after a sudden inspection by Agency specialists. The letter furtherstated at that the Agency shall take all legal measures against institutions that violate its regulations.

It should be recalled that the Agency, now led by AndréanLemAdmassie (PhD), former CEO of Ethio-telecom, presented results indicating that 27 campuses located in and around Addis Ababa were providing services without having any certificate or permission from the Agency.

Is that youanLem warned the owners and managers of these institutions to solve their problem as soon as possible and to indicated that your agency will havethe necessary action. besides what, besides, the Agency also warned that soon will begin the similar inspections all over the country.

HERQA, which was created to monitor and regulate higher education institutions, should have an up-to-date database of students across the country. A mandate was given to follow up the implementation of the circular.

Established in 2003 as a regulatory body, HERQA is responsible for overseeing the education sector.


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