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Harry Potter fans are counting on the worldwide launch of Wizards Unite.

The new game in the Pokemon Go series, Niantic, has release date on June 21 on iOS and Android.

Unfortunately, however, it will have a staged release schedule, similar to Pokemon Go.

The first is the launch in the UK and USA, which takes place on June 21. Other regions will follow soon after.

"Keep your eyes open and your wand ready for more information while the game goes into effect in your region, starting Friday, 6/21 in the US and UK!"

There is no word on the exact launch time, but the Pokemon Go was released around noon when it was released in 2016.

New Pokemon Go events, on the other hand, will air at 9 pm BST, which would not be so good for UK fans.

The game will be available on the iOS App Store and on Google Play for Android. Express Online will add links as soon as the game is activated.

After a calamity falls on the wizarding world, fans will play as a new recruit of the Secrets Statute Task Force.

Niantic further explains: "A calamity struck the wizarding world, causing artifacts, creatures, people and even memories mysteriously appearing in the Muggle world.

"Witches and wizards from around the world must unite to solve the mystery of The Calamity, overcome the chaotic chaotic magic that surrounds these" Foundations ", and return them to their proper place, keeping them safe of Muggle eyes. "

Niantic also unveiled more information on the Wizards Unite gaming experience, where players collect "Foundables", battle at Fortresses, produce potions and visit iconic locations.

"While such Scans can be found around them, certain Foundables may be more likely to appear in various types of real-world locations, including parks, banks, townhomes, university campuses, libraries, monuments, zoos, art galleries, and much more. more.

"Cast a variety of spells to overcome Tricky Magic, keep the magic basics safe and send them back to the wizarding world." When you return Foundables, you will earn unique rewards that can be tracked in the game registry. "

Conjuration spells consume Magic Energy, which can be reset by stopping at Pousadas to collect food and drinks.

Players will also discover various ingredients in the world that can be used to prepare potions.

"Make sure you also keep an eye on Portmanteaus, which can be unlocked to reveal the Portkeys that take you to iconic locations in the wizarding world," continues Niantic.

"For the first time, you'll be able to participate in an immersive 360 ​​degree advanced AR experience at venues like Ollivander's Wiv Shop."


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