Former Presidential Candidate With Weed 445Kgs Worth 13 Million


A former presidential candidate was arrested on Wednesday after police found 445 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle.

Jaffer Isaak Sora, 45, who presided in 2013, was arrested at a police station near the city of Marsabit. He was driving a Toyota. Prado Landcruiser who was hauling a trailer filled with the big marijuana shipment valued at Ksh13, 350,000.

According to police reports, Jaffer Isaak Sora was stopped by police officers in a fence on Wednesday night. He, however, refused to allow police officers to drive the checkpoint to search the trailer, prompting them to seize his vehicle.

At the Marsabit Police Station, officers conducted a thorough search that led to the seizure of marijuana.

"A thorough search was conducted and a total of 445 kilograms of street value of 13,350,000 narcotics and psychotropic substances were recovered hidden in a cart, "he said. a police report read.

Eastern police chief Esther Kihiko said she suspected that marijuana originated in Ethiopia.


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