Tuesday , September 21 2021

Fans need patience, like Mourinho for Tottenham Star

At the press conference after Brighton’s victory, José Mourinho spoke about Gareth Bale’s progress and set the stage for his next match for Tottenham in Europe.

Gareth Bale’s return to form and fitness is a process, José Mourinho likes to remind everyone of this in every opportunity he has. In what you have been doing for me lately in the world of professional sports, it is good to remember, sometimes good things happen for those who wait, and the Tottenham Hotspur fans have certainly been waiting?

However, based on Mourinho’s comments about the Welsh striker, Spurs fans are unlikely to have to wait another seven years for the next goal. So, what did Mourinho say and what does that mean for Bale and Tottenham in the future?

Bale is getting better

The biggest thing Jose did was to emphasize again the process Gareth Bale is going through, where he has to work to get into football form for the rigors of the Premier League. Mourinho noted that it is not just about “watching the development process” visually, but about relying on the “data that supports” the training process to make informed decisions about what Gareth is and is not prepared for.

These decisions are based on science, the eyesight test and, of course, the player’s own thoughts. Upon hearing Bale’s own comments, he fully agrees, noting how long he hasn’t put together a series of games and needs to get in shape.

What must be scary for the other Tottenham teams is that he is already showing a difference and has barely entered the field. As soon as he has his legs for an hour or more in the League, we can have a surprise.

Bale is on Tottenham Thursday Team

Jose Mourinho noted that Bale is not ready to make it to the 90 in the Premier League, but made it clear in the press that Bale will be on the team on Thursday at home for Ludogorets. The idea is to “use Europa to complement” the club’s training and fitness regime. And although he is not ready for the 90 minutes in the League, he should not go to 90 in the middle of the week, but the hour or more must be a good development job for Bale.

Ultimately, like José Mourinho, the club and Gareth Bale himself, as fans, we must be patient. It would be great to see him reach 90 and do it all the time, but the last time he did 90 – with Wales – he didn’t play for a while after that. The hope is that the team is putting Bale in shape to face the inevitable squad of the national team and then come back and be available to face Manchester City after the break.

The City game will still take several weeks, and a lot can happen by then, so we just have to be patient and enjoy the process. After all, getting there is half the fun and if in the end we are getting a fully fit and functional Gareth Bale, maybe the other long wait for Spurs fans will end soon, too.

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