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Facebook merges WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger

As previously announced, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave a speech at the start of the annual F8 developer conference (April 30-May 2, 2019) – see our live ticker on page 2. There have been many ads that are quite explosive , but often wait a little longer. For example, with the new Facebook Messenger, you can send messages directly to WhatsApp and Instagram in the future. Fusing popular applications into a sort of "Whatstabook" is slowly but surely taking shape. In addition, Zuckerberg has promised to put privacy protection at the center of the online network after the data scandals of recent months. "The future is private," Zuckerberg announced on Tuesday's F8 in San Jose, California. "Privacy gives us the freedom to be ourselves."

Network outbreak

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Especially as the global network grows, such retreats would be particularly important, Zuckerberg said. Thus, the founder of Facebook has put in its previous ads to align the platform more in encrypted private communication. The online network was recently under pressure after data protection scandals and data breaches. That's why the nearly two-hour talk has always been dominated by the private communication, encryption, privacy, and privacy buzzwords. With them, Facebook wants to regain lost confidence.

Zuckerberg admits a bad reputation

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He therefore understands that many did not believe that Facebook wanted to admit it, Zuckerberg admitted. "We do not have the best privacy reputation right now to put it well," he said. But Facebook has repeatedly proven in the past that the online network could change. The reorientation will also require changes in the way the company is run. Zuckerberg had said in recent years that Facebook's mission is to connect the world more closely. Now he talks about people who want to move online in public spaces and strictly private.

End-to-end encryption across the whole group

A central element of the new strategy are the WhatsApp chat services of Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Here Zuckerberg wants to organize more communication between users with friends and family. Messenger is now converted to full encryption. This is already possible here, but currently it still needs to be activated separately by users. In the future, this will happen automatically.


WhatsApp, the other Facebook chat service, has been called end-to-end encryption, where basically only senders and recipients can view content. With Messenger Facebook resigned – among other things, to open the best platform for communication between companies and their customers, as it was called. For the transmission of confidential information, but you can already enter into a safe mode.

New messenger features


With a new feature, users should also invite friends in Messenger to watch a video together. These can be your own videos, Internet clips or even TV shows available on the platform, it was said on Tuesday. Messenger will be available this year with its own desktop application on Windows and Mac computers. It also allows video chats and is exactly the same as the version of the smartphone.


According to the most recent figures, Messenger has 1.3 billion active users per month, of which 410 million also use video chat on the platform. Between companies and their customers would send 20 billion messages per month. Facebook has WhatsApp and Messenger a particularly strong position in chat services. A key competitor is the Apple iMessage, which until now, but only on iPhone group devices, runs.



With WhatsApp, the status area must be adjusted. This is to be seen in the future only by friends or family. In addition, messages should also be able to be sent through other applications. Here you are still in the beginning. In India, you can already make payments and send money to contacts with WhatsApp. This payment function will be launched this year in other countries. According to Facebook, there are countries where more people have a WhatsApp account than a bank account. For these regions, the function offers enormous advantages. The money is shipped completely secure and without intermediate stations (guys) directly from WhatsApp users to WhatsApp users. It seems that the payment function will initially begin in other emerging markets. The already leaked several times the dark fashion, however, was not announced.



In the context of the keynote, Instagram was mainly about the shopping resource that has since arrived in Austria and is constantly being expanded with new functions. Instagram even receives its own shopping channel. Here, companies can sell their products directly to users. The commercial area will be expanded with the new "Shopping from Creators" tool. Anyone who enables the feature when uploading a photo will allow other users to easily buy the things they are using. For example, just click on the shoes and a link will open, where shoes can be presented and bought. At first, this works only in the USA.


In addition, the photo platform must be expanded more quickly and securely, in addition to new features. The focus is on "Creative Mode," which gives users many new ways to customize their photos and videos. Even a countdown function is included. With it, you can set how long the photo or video will be viewed. In addition, the stories are extended by new stickers. Also has labels for fundraising will be. In the future, Instagram users will also be able to filter their searches for interests. Be it food, sport or fun – with the appropriate filter, only posts in the desired subject area are displayed.

New design with prominent group appeal


The main Facebook application further emphasizes the group feature that users can connect to their interests. This also leads to a relaunch of design. In the US, the new look begins immediately, in the coming weeks, will be released worldwide.


A little later, the web version of Facebook also shines in a new design. This seems much more tidy and reduced than before. In the US, Facebook users can expect new shopping features. Distributors can now specify shipping costs and include them in the final order price. This contributes to a better overview.

AR and VR / Oculus


Augmented reality and virtual reality will play a bigger role on Facebook in the future. In addition to Oculus glasses, AR and VR content must also be properly advanced on the computer, smartphone, tablet, and portal. That's why Facebook has created a new developer tool (Spark AR Studio) that makes it much easier to create such videos and programs.


In addition, the market launch of the two new Oculus VR glasses is finally confirmed. The mission and Rift S will go on sale on May 21. In the US, starting at $ 399. With the two VR glasses, which now manage without annoying cables, the focus is on the game. Star Wars fans can also be happy. For the beginning of the mission, ILMxLAB has developed its own series of virtual reality, in which users must be able to dive completely. Exlusivtitel appears under the name: "Immortal Vader" Contact Darth Vader ".

Opponent Tinder


Facebook's dating platform, launched last year, will also be launched in the US and other countries this year after its launch in Latin America. Austria is not present for now. Previously, Tinder's opponent only proposed people who were not in their own circle of friends. In the future, users can also create private lists in which they list friends they are interested in. If the prospect or customer is also on the private list, one of them will be displayed as "match." If not, it does not matter. Because no one knows who's giving their dating list to anyone.

Opponent Echo Comes to Europe


Meanwhile, the online network wants to bring its video telephony device portal after launch in the US and internationally in the market. In June, Canada should make the start, followed by Europe at the end of the year – individual countries do not call Facebook for now. It is quite possible that Amazon's ecological adversary also starts in Austria. Smart display speakers allow encrypted video calls via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Speakers would be constantly improved. Soon they must master many new Alexa skills. In addition, they can advertise daily commitments upon request. Also sharing videos will be possible via portal. In addition, a portal application for smartphones and Android iPhones will be published this year.

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