Friday , October 22 2021

Facebook boycott Huawei – Voister


Facebook also chooses to distance itself from Huawei by not having its applications pre-installed on future Huawei phones.

People who already own a Huawei model will not notice the new rules. These should still be able to use their Facebook applications and update them. Those who buy existing models will still be able to download apps through Google Playstore.

The people most affected are those who buy one of the upcoming Huawei phones. These users will not receive preinstalled Facebook applications, but will not download them on their own in Google Playstore or Google Apps.

Google has previously said it will not offer its Android software for upcoming Huawei models. For models already on the market, however, Google Play and Apps will still remain.

The ruling has rings in the water across Europe and Asia, where customers such as Reuters talked with a reluctance to buy Huawei phones because of the prevailing uncertainty. Several analyst companies also expect a dramatic decline in the number of Huawei models sold.

Source: Reuters

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